Top 5 most Attractive women of Nepal

About Women in Nepal :

Women  are the most beautiful creature ever created on this planet. There are some personalities in our society who just cannot be ignored. Women are the most amazing and Beautiful thing which is created by god. God. Women have Cutest and pretty face and some are beautiful by her personality. They are such a beautiful girls in the world. In these days Attractive women are becoming crazy.
Beautiful Women of Nepal
In Nepal here is also some girls who is really beautiful and attractive. In Nepal there is certain type of female we found. By Nepal Himani Shah is the world top Beautiful Princess of the royal family. As we know that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.In Nepal there are few Beautiful and attractive models and actress we found. In Nepal there are some beautiful women like Karishma Manandher, Rekha Thapa, Keki Adhikari, and so on. Beauty also depended on personalities not only cutest and pretty face.  

About most Attractive women of Nepal :

In this video here is top 5 most attractive women of Nepal. The name of most attractive women of Nepal are Shristi Sharestha. We all know she is Nepali actress, model and beauty queen of Nepal. She is the first  Miss  Nepal  who was reach to the quarter final of Miss world. She is the Miss Nepal twenty twelve. Indira Joshi , she is the most popular singer of Nepal. Namrata Shrestha , she is one of the most attractive women of Nepal. She is a Nepali model and actress.Himani Shah, she was born in India and she is from the royal family. The beauty of ex crown princess Himani has been praised in Nepalese society. And one is Priyanka Karki, she is one of the attractive Nepalese actress. She is former miss Teen Nepal, VJ, Singer, Choreographer, a model and a dancer of Nepal. These are the top 5 beautiful and attractive women of Nepal.