Three Sisters Nepali Documentary

 About sisterhood and Economic Conduction of Nepal :

Nepal is the country of Mount Everest where the Nepalese people feel proud for it. There are also various natural beautiful place.Along with beautiful territory, different varieties of people live with different cultural tradition and religion. Moreover many of the people in Nepal are engaged in Agriculture Occupation so the economic level is medium and few of the person are under the low economical situation or facing poverty.
About 33% of Nepali they are depend on Agriculture and they don't have high rate of annual productivity. Nepal is one of the poorest country in South Asia. and it is ranked as 7th Poorest country all over the world. Still 25% of Nepalis people live in below the poverty line.People are facing many problem due to poverty.

Recently Nepal faced an earthquake disaster that kill several people, break their houses and many infrastructure were destructed. That earthquake was of 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck Nepal on 25 April which badly effect the people. This earthquake damaging may be from 59 to 75 districts. Thousand of people face many problem on that time. In this documentary here is show that what happen to the children when suffered from poverty.       
Three sisters story

About this Three Sisters :

Three sisters Nepali documentary. This documentary is the story about three poorest sisters. This is the reflection of poverty in our country. In the lap of poverty village there lived 3 sisters who have very bad economic condition. There is one elder sister who face many problem in early life. She always take care of her 2 youngest sister. This is one of the heart touching story which is direct by Dashrath Sunar. The elder sister do hard work for her 2 small sisters.  As we know life is the blending of both sorrows and happiness. So she realizing this fact and she spending her days. In this video we learn about what is life and what work do for better life. This is really heart touching story about this three sisters. She entire household work as well as she has to take care of her youngest sisters.