The Largest Shark In The World

 About Shark :

 Shark are the most dangerous species of fishes group which evolve on the earth about 450 to 420 million year ago. There are about 500 species known.Their size ranges from the small dwarf lantern Shark to mysterious and unexplained shark. The proof of earlier evolution of shark is not found however it is asumed that they might had originated from the time of dinosaur. Shark are regarded as monster of ocean and compared with ghost.exist many years ago though it belong to fish family. Though shark is a giant creature of ocean its skeleton is made of cartilage, flexible tissue and lighter bones.Respiration in Shark takes place through a series of five to seven gills which are located on either side of their bodies. Shark eat small fish, marine animals, mollusca, krill and even small other shark. They give birth to their babies from the age of 12 to 15 years. In this world here is many big and largest shark we found.
Largest shark in the world

About this video :

It the video about  most largest shark in the world. The largest species of shark are Megalodon which are also known as the king of ocean. These shark has about 270 teeth and about 18m in length. This shark could grow up 60 feet long and this shark are more powerful then other shark. When it become fully mature it can weigh about 50 to 75 tones. This shark is the most dangerous shark then other shark. This shark have still lived this is one shark who ever lived in this world.