New teej Song Video 2016 " Mai Chhori Salala" By Bishnu Majhi "

 About Teej :

Teej is famous festival in Nepal celebrated by Nepali Hindu Women. In this festival women take fasting for the long life of her husband and ultimate loving relationship between them. This festival among Nepali women. This festival celebrate in 3rd day of Bhadra Sukala Paksha. In this day both married  and unmarried women take fasting they worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Unmarried take fasting for to get good husband in future. Teej is a three day long Hindu festival. In this day both married and unmarried women ware red sari and they sing and dance all day. In this day women who live in Nepali village they go to their mother's home for to celebrated. They enjoy with their friends, relative, sister and mother. On this day married women share her happiness and problem with their mother. They spend there time with each other. This is the most popular festival among Nepali women.
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About this Music Video :

This song is brought in the market by following team :
Sapana Music Presents Teej Song 2073
Song:- MAI CHHORI SALALA.... Putaliko Vatti -12
Vocal:- Bishnu Majhi
Lyrics/Music:- Sundar mani adhikari
Direction:- Shiva B.K.
Camera:- sambo Chalise
Edit:- Sujan Shahi
Artists:- Binu Subedi
 In this songs here is show about women life. In this song when one girl married when go to her husband home they face many problem it is difficult to her they wouldn't want to go her mother home. In this songs here is show that the girl who got married they can't go her mother home in Teej. By this song she miss all her family member and she said that don't worry when i cannot come in this Teej  i will come another year.