Load Shedding Makes People Crazy By Basu Poudel

About Load shedding in Nepal :

Load shedding is being the major problem of Nepal from few years which is effecting the Nepalese people way of living daily. When the demand for electricity in certain area exceeds its capacity, Nepal government temporarily cuts off electricity supply is known as load shedding or power cut.The hydroelectricity power in Nepal has not been sufficiently produced  hence the Nepal government cuts off electricity usually daily for 3-4 hours.People are highly being affected by such load shedding. The housewife is unable to cook food, students are unable to study and industry shut downs and so on. The problems caused by load-shielding are so many that they cannot be illustrated. People are extremely suffered by Peak load shedding hours done at early evenings and mornings when most bulbs are lit and most home appliances are in use. Nowadays electric power has been an integral part of human life so electric power is a very important. But it has bring some positive impact also, that the people are adopting the alternative source of electricity such as solar, hybrid invert er and adopted the low power consumption electric appliances too.
Lod shedding makes people crazy

About this video :

In this video here are some crazy activities which is related with load shedding and completely make you fun and really entertaining.  In this video here is shown that in one office there is two staff and one boss. Boss gave them to do offical work but there is no electric-power at that time. Boss got angried and asked them to do it from inverter but  inverter could not be charged because of long period of load shedding. This is one of the short cut comedy movie that many of people had suffered in their reality. Its totally a very stupid and crazy video.