Laure Mero Solta the hip hop song

Laure is the most popular Niphop singer in Nepal. His real name is Ashish Rana. He is a Nepalese rapper as well as actor. He is popular by Laure. He was born on 25 June 1989. He sing many song and his song are most popular in young star. His popular song are Haude, Mero solta, Laure, Nephop ko bato, Yuddha and so on. He was born in Pokhara, Nepal. He start his career from mobile recording. His first song Mero Solta which he record on mobile and uploaded on YouTube. When he record he become the most popular rapper in Nepal. He was the most searched for Nepalese celebrity on Google in the year 2013. He was the best rap artist of Nepal. Aasish Rana will be featured in Nepali movie Taandab with opposite actress Namrata Shrestha. Laure have many national and international fans. He have million of fans in his facebook, Twitter and YouTub by the successful movie Taandab. He is the most famous rapper in the Nepalese hi-pop songs.

Lure mero solta

This songs video brought in the market by following team :
Dedicated to all Gorkhali Army
Concept : Aasis/Gun Ace/Milan
Dir,| Shot, Edit : Milan Thapa (MilanWORKSHOP)
Music : Laure ft Gun Ace
Beat : Adele's Hometown Glory reproduced by Noodles Production
Lahure : Summy Gurung
Ama : Chandra Kumari Gurung
Baba : Kumar Gurung
Hulaki : Om prakash Gurung
Galla : Setum Gurung
 Mero solta this song are dedicated to all Gorkhali Army life. This is one of the best and first song from Laure. This song is most popular all over the world. In this song here is show the real life of Gorkhali Army. This is really heart touching song by Laure. It's rally touch thousand Nepalese people heart.