Ko Hau Timi The Cartoon Song

 About This Songs :

This is one of the most beautiful love song of Nepal. This is the cartoon visualized song of Nepali movie from First love. This song is performed by the vocalist of Karma Band. This is one of the most amazing song. This is one of the most popular song of movie first love. This is one new  cartoon song which gives as more entertainment. In this song both cartoon actor play beautiful role. It is really beautiful song of Nepali movie. In this song there was a girl whose named is Sarah. She was a new student at that school and she did not know about her class room. She wanted help from someone for searching the science class room. Suddenly one boy came there and got accidentally failed with girl. Because he was late for class that why he didn't see her properly. The name of that boy is Josh they both introduce each-other and they became best friend. This is really beautiful video which is created by cartoon.
Ko hau timi

About this video :

As they became the best friends they play with each other and they laugh together. Their friendship increase day by day they just became really good friends. They were like two sides of the coin but which was a big secret between both of them. Josh was in deep love with Sarah. He want to told her about his feeling with her but he think that if he told her his real feeling she might reject his love and that would ruin their friendship. Evey day his feelings got more strong one night he had dream that he told her his feelings then Sarah was very happy then he decided to tell his feeling with Sarah. This is video about their beautiful love story between them.