Hero of Teej 2073 " Shankar BC And Pashupati Sharma "

 About Teej :

Teej is one of the festival that occur in 3rd day of Bhadra Sukla Paksha where the Nepali Hindu women both married and unmarried woman participate in the festival.This festival is celebrated by taking fasting on the same day for the long and healthy life of her husband. It is assume that unmarried girls when they take fast and do puja for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, they will be get the good and loving husband as they desire.Teej is celebrated for three days. This festival is typically the Hindu Festival, one of the famous festival among Nepali. In Teej women go temple for worshiping lord Shiva. In Teej women dress up beautifully with red sari and go to temple for worshiping lord Shiva. After the prayer they dance all the day even without drinking the drop of water. Nowdays on aspect of positive health, many organization arrange pure drinking water through the festival and recommend them to drink. Teej is the most favourite festival of woman because they do go to their mother's home and celebrate this festival  with their friends, relative, sister and mother. On this day married women share her happiness or problem with her mother. They spend full time with each other.
Teej ka hero haru

About this video :

In this year 2073 most popular singer as well as actor Shankar B.C and Pashupati Sharm. We all know that Pashupati Sharm are the popular Nepali folk singer in Nepal. In this year he sing many song like Ghadi Heri Heri, Batti Balnai Pardaina, Jhyappai Barilai, Kaha Bajyo Muraili and so on. In this year he is the hero of Teej. He actor as well as sing a song. He is busy in this year. Shanker B.C we all know him he is the most popular dancer as well as director of Nepali folk song. He is in number one dancer and director in Nepal. His Teej song in this year are, Kasti Bhaye Ma, Aajkal ta Mera Budhako, and so on. He is another hero in this year. He is the best dancer as we as director in Nepali folk songs.