Heart Touching Love Story That Will Make Us Cry

 About friendship and love :

This is the love story about two best friend. As we know that friendship is characterized by special love and it is the most beautiful gift of life. No body can buy friendship with money. It is the wonderful relationship between two people who do not have blood relationship. Friendship means mutual understanding to each other but not an agreement.  Friendship is golden gift of life where the memories are precious and unforgettable. In this video here is story about two friend who love each other. This is really heart touching story who make every one cry. There is no greatest thing in this world expect friendship it is a type of relationship between two people who really care each other. In this human life there is one friend who do really care and want us in our lifetime. Friendship mean spending time together, sharing ideas and treats, having fun with each other and caring to each other. Friendship is the valuable things in life. Friendship mean love. In this video here is show the real meaning of friendship.
Heart touching love story

About this video :

There is two boys whose name is Remon and Abhi. They are not just friend they are like two brothers from different mother. They are same standard of students they living together for their study. One day they both on the way of their collage. This is the first day at collage for them. At that time Ramon saw one an old man who crossing road at that time a car was comming from backside of old man. That car was about to hit the men but Remon pushed the man way. Abhi saw beautiful girl who came out from car. She say sorry to that an old men. Abhi fall in love with that girl on the first day. The name of that girl is Asia. Asia have some feeling for Remon. This is live story about two besties fall in love with same girl. This is the most heart touching love story.