Albida Khemraj

 About Khemraj Gurung :

Nepali singer Khemraj was the most popular Nepali folk singer. He sang a very famous song like " Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna" which melody is evergreen. He was born in 1975. He had  most popular singer in Nepali folk songs. He is renowned to many audience with that popular song and the melody of that song is beautiful to celebrate among young ones and old generation too. The unexpected death on the age of 42 make the tears in eyes of many Nepalese. He was suffering from liver problem and his treatment was going under ICU at Chabahil based Medicare Hospital. He was admitted in Hospital for past 11 days. Khemraaj Gurung had earned great popularity in Nepali music industry. Now the super hit old song " Wari Jumuna Pari Jumuna, Jamunako Fedaaima Manakamana' which is typical folk song sung in the eastern hill of Nepal rings the memory of singer Khemraj Gurung.
Alibida Khemraj

About His death :

This is the bad news from all Nepali to lose the great singer Khemraj Gurung only at the age of 42 years.We lose our old and most popular singer  By this song he was most famous in Nepali music. He is the first National level singer of Sankhwasabha District. He is one of the to folk singers in Nepal. On his life time career 'Wari Jumuna Pari Jumauna' was the to song in his career.