The Most Coolest Houses In The World

 About different house in the world : 

People have passion of living in beautiful house and unique house they desire. 

In this world there people can live virtually anywhere. In this world there are many strange and beautiful houses we see. These beautiful, wacky and unique house reflect the humain creativity and ingenuity. People just love and love building their unique house. The resource material to build such coolest house are pretty inexpensive materials and hard to believe. The building materials of house are like chainsaw, one-inch chasel and a hammer seems unbelievable and unrealistic but its very true.There are many other intresting thing in the world which makes you hard to believe.
Actually the house is made for people secure survival and protection. Beyond this theory, there are some some extra ordinary houses where uniqueness is more important than its security.These houses has tourist attraction and demand.  These are the ideas to grow out the tourism sector and grow popularity in the locality.
Amazing house you have never seen
Amazing house which you never seen

About this video :

The coolest house present at different corner of world are as follows:
|i) Flintstones house: This house has been worth of Rs $3.25 million and the price was reduced to $2f.995 million.
ii) Exploding Houses: This house is located in Szymborska and Poland which is made by two artists from Houston..
iii) Upside Down Houses: This house is located in Szymborska and Poland. The architecture of this house reflects the modern concept of home with their head.Hence living here is so difficult.
iv) Wooden Skyscraper House: This house is located in Arkhangelsk, Russia.which is ended up with a 13 story & 144  foot-tall
v) Bubble Houses: It is so impressive house in the world located at different corner of world.

 In this video here is all kind of coolest house in the world.

Top 5 Most Expensive Bikes in Nepal

 About motor Bike in Nepal :

Nowdays Motor Bikes are the most common private mode of transportation in Nepal.The Nepalese people has great interest of  Riding a bike because of conventional transportation, . Bikes being the most easy and cheap mode of private transportation , it is being conventional transportation on young generation. Moreover travelling in bike favor in all types of roadways present in Nepal. If we see the motor bike data ,there is increment of  motorcycle by 34% in all over the world. The events like bike race and bike riding are getting most popular day by day.

Expensive Bikes Available in Nepal
Super-Expensive Bike Available in Nepal
Many youngsters are crazy on luxurious super bikes. Thus those person who are wealthy are demanding the luxurious super bikes.  In Nepal Bajaj , Suzuki and Yamaha are most popular motorbike companies to bring the luxurious super bike in Nepal market. In Nepal though it has limited per capita income of  Nepalese , there are more than 8 lakhs registered bike in Nepal.

About Most expensive Bikes in Nepal :

Lets see the list of most expensive bikes available of Nepal. In this video here is top 5 bikes which is most expensive in Nepal. Some of them are given below:
i) Yamaha YZF R6:  This is one of the sports bike model having price NRs 27,00,00. It has 599 cc engine size.
ii) Suzuki GSX-1300R: This is also one of the sports bike model having price NRs 36,00,00. It has 1340 cc engine size.
iii) MV Agusta F4 RR:This is also one of the sports bike model having price NRs 38,75,00. It has 998 cc engine size.
iv) Ducati Diavel Carbon: This is one of the Cruiser type bike model having price NRs 40,00,00. It has 1198 cc engine size.
v) Ducati Multistrada: This is also one of the sports bike model having price NRs 45,00,00. It has1198 cc engine size.These are the most expensive bike of Nepal.

Top 5 most Attractive women of Nepal

About Women in Nepal :

Women  are the most beautiful creature ever created on this planet. There are some personalities in our society who just cannot be ignored. Women are the most amazing and Beautiful thing which is created by god. God. Women have Cutest and pretty face and some are beautiful by her personality. They are such a beautiful girls in the world. In these days Attractive women are becoming crazy.
Beautiful Women of Nepal
In Nepal here is also some girls who is really beautiful and attractive. In Nepal there is certain type of female we found. By Nepal Himani Shah is the world top Beautiful Princess of the royal family. As we know that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.In Nepal there are few Beautiful and attractive models and actress we found. In Nepal there are some beautiful women like Karishma Manandher, Rekha Thapa, Keki Adhikari, and so on. Beauty also depended on personalities not only cutest and pretty face.  

About most Attractive women of Nepal :

In this video here is top 5 most attractive women of Nepal. The name of most attractive women of Nepal are Shristi Sharestha. We all know she is Nepali actress, model and beauty queen of Nepal. She is the first  Miss  Nepal  who was reach to the quarter final of Miss world. She is the Miss Nepal twenty twelve. Indira Joshi , she is the most popular singer of Nepal. Namrata Shrestha , she is one of the most attractive women of Nepal. She is a Nepali model and actress.Himani Shah, she was born in India and she is from the royal family. The beauty of ex crown princess Himani has been praised in Nepalese society. And one is Priyanka Karki, she is one of the attractive Nepalese actress. She is former miss Teen Nepal, VJ, Singer, Choreographer, a model and a dancer of Nepal. These are the top 5 beautiful and attractive women of Nepal.

Second Nepali Ladies Wrestling Showed at Kalimati

About Wresting in Nepal :

Wresting is a one of the intresting game in the world where the people live fights inside the ring. It is high physical competative game and is one type of fighting sport. This sport are the physical competitive. This game is growing popular in this world. Because of growing popularity , this game is launched first time in Nepal. Nepal set to organize " International Wrestling Tournament 2016/2073"  from April 16 at Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu.  The event went crazy among people because Nepal also get 
participated in the tournament. Wresting  is not the killing game rather being played just for fun and entertainment.
In that tournament 31 countries professional players come to participate as both male and female wrestling. Some of the countries are Hong Kong, America, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Japan and  Singapore.

About second Ladies wresting in Nepal :

In this video here is Second Nepali wresting which is showed at Kalimati Kathmandu Nepal. It is really good to see the wrestling live in Nepal. We really proud for that we see Nepalese women's in the ring who are fighting. Its really amazing to see and we can enjoy on it. This is new changes in our society people thinking. This shows are how to moved forward and how to change society. This is big opportunity for women's how to prov herself in the ring for to fight for herself. The Second ladies wresting match was conducted at Kalimati. It was a very wounderful experience to have such popular game of world in the cultural country like Nepal. The women wrestling game was conducted with crowd of Nepalese people and supporters. The dashrath stadium was full and packed , hence the game has high popularity and charm in Nepal too.

Mistakes In Sultan

About Bollywood Record Breaker Movie Sultan 2016:

Sultan is one of the commercially succesful Indian movie which falls on the category of typical Indian Romance, Sports, Love and Drama movie. This movie was directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Chopra in 2016..  This movie was released on 6th July 2016 with main title character of Salman Khan with beautiful co-star actress Anuska Sharma. Yash Raj Film had distributed Sultan movie in the market. In this movie,  Salman Khan played as Sultan Ali Khan get sucess in the game wrestiling through the reveal with Anuska Sharma which reflect the wounderful love story. Sultan Movie has got highest gross income in Indian film. The story of this movie is very intresting and it became one of the best movie of bollywood.On other hand this movie created new record for highest Advance
sultan 2016
booking. This movie has got the beautiful songs which got popularity within the short period. The main  starring artist are Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hood and Amit Sadu. The earning of this movie through Box office record is Rs 650.25 corer. In this movie " Jag Ghoomeya " is the most popular  and melodious song in this movie. This is one of the wonderful song in this movie. This is the biggest hit movie in 2016. This movie get popular but in this movie here is some mistakes.

Mistakes in Movie Sultan 2016:

In this movie some of the mistakes during shooting are explained below:
i) The first mistake in this movie is he picks three kids for to drop them to school. As he gave lift for them to make them drink cane Juice and leaves them there. But he forget that he had to drop them , make the scene incomplete.
ii) Second mistake is that there is rule in wresting that no-one is allowed to wear anything pointed but in the movie we find Salaman Khan wearing the ring. Similarly Anushka while participating in ladies wrestling was also there in her hair clips. In this video here is all the mistakes in Sultan which you could feel.

Hero of Teej 2073 " Shankar BC And Pashupati Sharma "

 About Teej :

Teej is one of the festival that occur in 3rd day of Bhadra Sukla Paksha where the Nepali Hindu women both married and unmarried woman participate in the festival.This festival is celebrated by taking fasting on the same day for the long and healthy life of her husband. It is assume that unmarried girls when they take fast and do puja for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, they will be get the good and loving husband as they desire.Teej is celebrated for three days. This festival is typically the Hindu Festival, one of the famous festival among Nepali. In Teej women go temple for worshiping lord Shiva. In Teej women dress up beautifully with red sari and go to temple for worshiping lord Shiva. After the prayer they dance all the day even without drinking the drop of water. Nowdays on aspect of positive health, many organization arrange pure drinking water through the festival and recommend them to drink. Teej is the most favourite festival of woman because they do go to their mother's home and celebrate this festival  with their friends, relative, sister and mother. On this day married women share her happiness or problem with her mother. They spend full time with each other.
Teej ka hero haru

About this video :

In this year 2073 most popular singer as well as actor Shankar B.C and Pashupati Sharm. We all know that Pashupati Sharm are the popular Nepali folk singer in Nepal. In this year he sing many song like Ghadi Heri Heri, Batti Balnai Pardaina, Jhyappai Barilai, Kaha Bajyo Muraili and so on. In this year he is the hero of Teej. He actor as well as sing a song. He is busy in this year. Shanker B.C we all know him he is the most popular dancer as well as director of Nepali folk song. He is in number one dancer and director in Nepal. His Teej song in this year are, Kasti Bhaye Ma, Aajkal ta Mera Budhako, and so on. He is another hero in this year. He is the best dancer as we as director in Nepali folk songs.

Top 10 Smallest Countries In The World

In this world here is some pretty as we as smallest countries. In this world most of smallest countries are located in Europe and Caribbean.There are actually ten countries with a population of less than 70,000. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. It just 0.2 square miles. It is 120 times smaller than the island of Manhattn. It is situated on the western bank of the Tiber River. This is the most smallest country in the world. It is the world's smallest country in the world. It is also known as the Holy See. Vatican City fits within the Italian capital city of Rome. This country is also the biggest Church home. This is one of the beautiful as well as smallest country in the world. This is the smallest nation state in the world. In this world here is other smallest countries but among them this is the top and number one smallest country in the world.

smallest sountry in the world
In this video here is top 10 smallest countries in the world. The name of this country are Maldives. This country is only 15 sq miles. Saint Kitts and Nevis, it's area is 104 sq miles. Marshall Island it is another smallest country in the world with a population of less then 60000. This country is less then 175 total square miles. Liechtenstein it has population of 33720. This whole country is less then 63 sq miles in size. Monco it is just little bit smaller then Liechtenstein. The Republic of Sen Marino, it is less then 30000 people. It's area is just 24 sq miles. Palau, with less then 20000 people and over 175 sq miles. Nauru, It's population of less then 15000 people. It is only 8 sq mile. Tuvalu, this country having independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. These are the most smallest country in the world.

Heart Touching Love Story That Will Make Us Cry

 About friendship and love :

This is the love story about two best friend. As we know that friendship is characterized by special love and it is the most beautiful gift of life. No body can buy friendship with money. It is the wonderful relationship between two people who do not have blood relationship. Friendship means mutual understanding to each other but not an agreement.  Friendship is golden gift of life where the memories are precious and unforgettable. In this video here is story about two friend who love each other. This is really heart touching story who make every one cry. There is no greatest thing in this world expect friendship it is a type of relationship between two people who really care each other. In this human life there is one friend who do really care and want us in our lifetime. Friendship mean spending time together, sharing ideas and treats, having fun with each other and caring to each other. Friendship is the valuable things in life. Friendship mean love. In this video here is show the real meaning of friendship.
Heart touching love story

About this video :

There is two boys whose name is Remon and Abhi. They are not just friend they are like two brothers from different mother. They are same standard of students they living together for their study. One day they both on the way of their collage. This is the first day at collage for them. At that time Ramon saw one an old man who crossing road at that time a car was comming from backside of old man. That car was about to hit the men but Remon pushed the man way. Abhi saw beautiful girl who came out from car. She say sorry to that an old men. Abhi fall in love with that girl on the first day. The name of that girl is Asia. Asia have some feeling for Remon. This is live story about two besties fall in love with same girl. This is the most heart touching love story.

The Largest Shark In The World

 About Shark :

 Shark are the most dangerous species of fishes group which evolve on the earth about 450 to 420 million year ago. There are about 500 species known.Their size ranges from the small dwarf lantern Shark to mysterious and unexplained shark. The proof of earlier evolution of shark is not found however it is asumed that they might had originated from the time of dinosaur. Shark are regarded as monster of ocean and compared with ghost.exist many years ago though it belong to fish family. Though shark is a giant creature of ocean its skeleton is made of cartilage, flexible tissue and lighter bones.Respiration in Shark takes place through a series of five to seven gills which are located on either side of their bodies. Shark eat small fish, marine animals, mollusca, krill and even small other shark. They give birth to their babies from the age of 12 to 15 years. In this world here is many big and largest shark we found.
Largest shark in the world

About this video :

It the video about  most largest shark in the world. The largest species of shark are Megalodon which are also known as the king of ocean. These shark has about 270 teeth and about 18m in length. This shark could grow up 60 feet long and this shark are more powerful then other shark. When it become fully mature it can weigh about 50 to 75 tones. This shark is the most dangerous shark then other shark. This shark have still lived this is one shark who ever lived in this world.

Laure Mero Solta the hip hop song

Laure is the most popular Niphop singer in Nepal. His real name is Ashish Rana. He is a Nepalese rapper as well as actor. He is popular by Laure. He was born on 25 June 1989. He sing many song and his song are most popular in young star. His popular song are Haude, Mero solta, Laure, Nephop ko bato, Yuddha and so on. He was born in Pokhara, Nepal. He start his career from mobile recording. His first song Mero Solta which he record on mobile and uploaded on YouTube. When he record he become the most popular rapper in Nepal. He was the most searched for Nepalese celebrity on Google in the year 2013. He was the best rap artist of Nepal. Aasish Rana will be featured in Nepali movie Taandab with opposite actress Namrata Shrestha. Laure have many national and international fans. He have million of fans in his facebook, Twitter and YouTub by the successful movie Taandab. He is the most famous rapper in the Nepalese hi-pop songs.
Lure mero solta

This songs video brought in the market by following team :
Dedicated to all Gorkhali Army
Concept : Aasis/Gun Ace/Milan
Dir,| Shot, Edit : Milan Thapa (MilanWORKSHOP)
Music : Laure ft Gun Ace
Beat : Adele's Hometown Glory reproduced by Noodles Production
Lahure : Summy Gurung
Ama : Chandra Kumari Gurung
Baba : Kumar Gurung
Hulaki : Om prakash Gurung
Galla : Setum Gurung
 Mero solta this song are dedicated to all Gorkhali Army life. This is one of the best and first song from Laure. This song is most popular all over the world. In this song here is show the real life of Gorkhali Army. This is really heart touching song by Laure. It's rally touch thousand Nepalese people heart.

Load Shedding Makes People Crazy By Basu Poudel

About Load shedding in Nepal :

Load shedding is being the major problem of Nepal from few years which is effecting the Nepalese people way of living daily. When the demand for electricity in certain area exceeds its capacity, Nepal government temporarily cuts off electricity supply is known as load shedding or power cut.The hydroelectricity power in Nepal has not been sufficiently produced  hence the Nepal government cuts off electricity usually daily for 3-4 hours.People are highly being affected by such load shedding. The housewife is unable to cook food, students are unable to study and industry shut downs and so on. The problems caused by load-shielding are so many that they cannot be illustrated. People are extremely suffered by Peak load shedding hours done at early evenings and mornings when most bulbs are lit and most home appliances are in use. Nowadays electric power has been an integral part of human life so electric power is a very important. But it has bring some positive impact also, that the people are adopting the alternative source of electricity such as solar, hybrid invert er and adopted the low power consumption electric appliances too.
Lod shedding makes people crazy

About this video :

In this video here are some crazy activities which is related with load shedding and completely make you fun and really entertaining.  In this video here is shown that in one office there is two staff and one boss. Boss gave them to do offical work but there is no electric-power at that time. Boss got angried and asked them to do it from inverter but  inverter could not be charged because of long period of load shedding. This is one of the short cut comedy movie that many of people had suffered in their reality. Its totally a very stupid and crazy video.

Ko Hau Timi The Cartoon Song

 About This Songs :

This is one of the most beautiful love song of Nepal. This is the cartoon visualized song of Nepali movie from First love. This song is performed by the vocalist of Karma Band. This is one of the most amazing song. This is one of the most popular song of movie first love. This is one new  cartoon song which gives as more entertainment. In this song both cartoon actor play beautiful role. It is really beautiful song of Nepali movie. In this song there was a girl whose named is Sarah. She was a new student at that school and she did not know about her class room. She wanted help from someone for searching the science class room. Suddenly one boy came there and got accidentally failed with girl. Because he was late for class that why he didn't see her properly. The name of that boy is Josh they both introduce each-other and they became best friend. This is really beautiful video which is created by cartoon.
Ko hau timi

About this video :

As they became the best friends they play with each other and they laugh together. Their friendship increase day by day they just became really good friends. They were like two sides of the coin but which was a big secret between both of them. Josh was in deep love with Sarah. He want to told her about his feeling with her but he think that if he told her his real feeling she might reject his love and that would ruin their friendship. Evey day his feelings got more strong one night he had dream that he told her his feelings then Sarah was very happy then he decided to tell his feeling with Sarah. This is video about their beautiful love story between them.

Most Beautiful Places In the World

 About most beautiful places in the world :

Our world is full of beautiful places, some are man made and some are natural. In this world there are most beautiful places which we might had never seen. There are the amazing places to see before we die. Every day new and amazing places are discovered because of science and technology. There are often some places which is unbelievable and that is really hard to believe. Some places grow beautiful by their different geographical location, climatic condition and even season. We live in different place but there are incredible places to visit. The most unbelievable places in the world are, Tunnel of love,Tulip Field in Netherlands, Salar de Uyuni is the one of the world's largest mirror, Hitachi Seaside park, and so on which are assumed as the most amazing and unbelievable places in the world.
According to our oldest saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which means that we all have a different interpretation of human race.The places we supposed exclusive might not preferred by you. As we are been molded and shaped by society and the media to perceive certain things as beautiful such as the human body and elements of nature.
most beautiful places in the world

About this video :

In this video here is top the most beautiful places in the world. The name of these beautiful places are, Lao Cai In Vietnam, Geiranger Fjord in Norway, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Yosemite National Park, Midway Island, Maldives,  Zhangye Danxia Landform  Gansu in China, Fiorland National Park in South Island and New Zealand ,Meteroa Thessaly in Greece and last one is Pamukkale in Turkey. These are most attractive and beautiful places in the world illustrated in the video.

Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha In Hindi Song

 About Shristi Shrestha :

Shristi Shrestha, is the winner of Miss Nepal 2012. She established herself as one of the most beautiful and intellegent among the models in Nepal. She did many fashion shows, music videos, advertisement and so on. She was born in Chitwan, Nepal. She is the beauty queen of Nepal. According to her, her fit and slim body is gained from dancing, dance keeps her healthy and fit. Nowdays Shristi Shrestha has been established as Nepali actress in Nepali movie Gajalu with top actor Anomol KC. She is so preety that she is supposed as beauty queen of Nepal. She started her carrier as B.Sc Nursing. She is the top model in Nepal. She also played exclusively a role in unplugged music video of Bollywood movie Jackpot. This is one of the best songs ever. This is the most popular song among both Kollywood and Bollywood. In this song Nepali actor, Model role on this song. By this song he star her career in Bollywood.
Miss nepal shristi shrestha in hindi song

About Shristi Sharestha music video :

Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha got chance to show her performance in Hindi song 'Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse'. This song is her first Bollywood video as the actress. By this song she started her carier in Bollywood. She is one Beauty queen of Nepal. Moreover she started her movie carrier by New Nepali movie 'Gajalu'. This is one of the famous movie of Nepal. She appeared in several Nepali songs.  Shristi Shrestha recent song are Sadhai Sadhaai by Devika Bhandana and Pagal Pagal by Salim Merchant.

Gyanendra Shah Waiting For New Power To Rule Again In Nepal

About Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah :

We all know that Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the last king of Nepal. He ruled in Nepal from 2001 to 2008. He was born on 7th July 1947 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the son of late King Mahendra Shah and Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi. He is the 13th king of Nepal. He became a king, after mysterious historical murder of ten member of the royal family. Gyanendra Shah was the last king of Nepal including Narayanhity  Royal Palace. He was born in the old Narayanhity Royal Palace which is in Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to power when his brother King Birendra Shah was murdered during a place dinner party along other royal family member. He became a king in  2001. When he was king he couldn't rule properly like King Birendra Shah. As we know that King Birendra Shah was one of the best King of Nepal. Gyanendra Shah have 17 companies, he is not only the biggest landlord of Nepal. Gyanendra Shah still wanted to be king in Nepal so he need power to rule again in Nepal.
Gyanendra shah waiting for power rune in nepal

About this Video :

Former king Gyanendra Shah was going somewhere when he return from New Delhi. He is waiting for new power to rule in Nepal. He suddenly gone underground and lost when he return from New Delhi. There was huge of crowd outside of his gate at Nirmal Nivas for to meet him. According to a source the former king has headed for Mugling after he return from Delhi and another headed for Nuwakot. It's still unclear as to why India invite the former king for to meet them. Indian had also invited Prachanda chair of the ruling UCPN Maoist party but he turned down the invite.

Three Sisters Nepali Documentary

 About sisterhood and Economic Conduction of Nepal :

Nepal is the country of Mount Everest where the Nepalese people feel proud for it. There are also various natural beautiful place.Along with beautiful territory, different varieties of people live with different cultural tradition and religion. Moreover many of the people in Nepal are engaged in Agriculture Occupation so the economic level is medium and few of the person are under the low economical situation or facing poverty.
About 33% of Nepali they are depend on Agriculture and they don't have high rate of annual productivity. Nepal is one of the poorest country in South Asia. and it is ranked as 7th Poorest country all over the world. Still 25% of Nepalis people live in below the poverty line.People are facing many problem due to poverty.

Recently Nepal faced an earthquake disaster that kill several people, break their houses and many infrastructure were destructed. That earthquake was of 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck Nepal on 25 April which badly effect the people. This earthquake damaging may be from 59 to 75 districts. Thousand of people face many problem on that time. In this documentary here is show that what happen to the children when suffered from poverty.       
Three sisters story

About this Three Sisters :

Three sisters Nepali documentary. This documentary is the story about three poorest sisters. This is the reflection of poverty in our country. In the lap of poverty village there lived 3 sisters who have very bad economic condition. There is one elder sister who face many problem in early life. She always take care of her 2 youngest sister. This is one of the heart touching story which is direct by Dashrath Sunar. The elder sister do hard work for her 2 small sisters.  As we know life is the blending of both sorrows and happiness. So she realizing this fact and she spending her days. In this video we learn about what is life and what work do for better life. This is really heart touching story about this three sisters. She entire household work as well as she has to take care of her youngest sisters.

Albida Khemraj

 About Khemraj Gurung :

Nepali singer Khemraj was the most popular Nepali folk singer. He sang a very famous song like " Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna" which melody is evergreen. He was born in 1975. He had  most popular singer in Nepali folk songs. He is renowned to many audience with that popular song and the melody of that song is beautiful to celebrate among young ones and old generation too. The unexpected death on the age of 42 make the tears in eyes of many Nepalese. He was suffering from liver problem and his treatment was going under ICU at Chabahil based Medicare Hospital. He was admitted in Hospital for past 11 days. Khemraaj Gurung had earned great popularity in Nepali music industry. Now the super hit old song " Wari Jumuna Pari Jumuna, Jamunako Fedaaima Manakamana' which is typical folk song sung in the eastern hill of Nepal rings the memory of singer Khemraj Gurung.
Alibida Khemraj

About His death :

This is the bad news from all Nepali to lose the great singer Khemraj Gurung only at the age of 42 years.We lose our old and most popular singer  By this song he was most famous in Nepali music. He is the first National level singer of Sankhwasabha District. He is one of the to folk singers in Nepal. On his life time career 'Wari Jumuna Pari Jumauna' was the to song in his career.

New teej Song Video 2016 " Mai Chhori Salala" By Bishnu Majhi "

 About Teej :

Teej is famous festival in Nepal celebrated by Nepali Hindu Women. In this festival women take fasting for the long life of her husband and ultimate loving relationship between them. This festival among Nepali women. This festival celebrate in 3rd day of Bhadra Sukala Paksha. In this day both married  and unmarried women take fasting they worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Unmarried take fasting for to get good husband in future. Teej is a three day long Hindu festival. In this day both married and unmarried women ware red sari and they sing and dance all day. In this day women who live in Nepali village they go to their mother's home for to celebrated. They enjoy with their friends, relative, sister and mother. On this day married women share her happiness and problem with their mother. They spend there time with each other. This is the most popular festival among Nepali women.
new nepali teej songs

About this Music Video :

This song is brought in the market by following team :
Sapana Music Presents Teej Song 2073
Song:- MAI CHHORI SALALA.... Putaliko Vatti -12
Vocal:- Bishnu Majhi
Lyrics/Music:- Sundar mani adhikari
Direction:- Shiva B.K.
Camera:- sambo Chalise
Edit:- Sujan Shahi
Artists:- Binu Subedi
 In this songs here is show about women life. In this song when one girl married when go to her husband home they face many problem it is difficult to her they wouldn't want to go her mother home. In this songs here is show that the girl who got married they can't go her mother home in Teej. By this song she miss all her family member and she said that don't worry when i cannot come in this Teej  i will come another year.

20 Most Dangerous Selfies We Ever Taken

 About Selfies :

Nowdays people are very fun of taking the selfie from their mobile phone. Actually Selfie means taking self portrait photograph with the help of digital camera or camera phone. Facebook has grown to so extent that people are crazy of uploading their photo and share to the world. People like to do intresting, exclusive work and make it public by uploading that photo in facebook. Selfie is nowdays not only taken for to grab their beautiful pic but also to show their craziness. In this video here is top 20 most danger selfies we ever taken. These selfie are taken in dangerous place and shared in the social networking site like facebook, twitter and instagram.
Most dangerous selfies

About this video :

This video is about most dangerous selfies taken which might make your mouth open. Here British Traveler is making a threating selfie enough to get a snap on the top of the Chr ist state in Rio de Janeiro basil. There are many exclusive events on playing the game and some might be dangerous too. A good looking girl is a reporter and she managed to take the snap right before the ball hits her head. Similarly some people spent billions of dollars to snap a selfie in space outside the station. British runner, named James Kingston who has the balls to climb on a crane and so on. He take selfie at that time. In this video we can see that there is other dangers selfie we ever see.


Most Dangerous and Strangest Airport in the World

About Airport :

Airport is the place where aeroplane lands and take off. In this world there are many airport. Even Nepal has one international airport and few national airports. The fastest way of transportation is airway. In general airport has a control tower, space for storing the aeroplanes and maintenance place.  Some world's airport are non towered with no air traffic control. We hear about crossing over of various flight but we wounder that they never interact each other in air. It is because each airport controls the various flight and they are uniquely represented by their IATA airport code. The security of baggage & person is great challenging. People are doing some wrong deeds through out the country which must be checked out in the airport. There is screening machine to detect any foreign metal weapons or gun. The extreme terrorist attacks by flight, or capture the flight too. We couldn't forgot the incident of 11th September 2001 about the flight attack. After this attack airport security has dramatically increase.There is many dangerous and strangest airport in the world which is described in the video.
Most dangerous and strangest airport in the world

About Dangerous Airport  In the world :

In this video there is top 25 most dangerous and strangest airport listed in the world. One of the airport is Gustaf III Airport (SBH), also known as St. Barthélemy Airport (SBH) of Caribbean. Next one is Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) also known as St. Maarten Airport (SXM) of Caribbean which is located in the island of Saint Martin (the Dutch side of the island in the country of Sint Maarten). One of the dangerous airport belongs to Nepal Tenzing Hillary Airport (LUA) also known as Lukla Airport (LUA). The next one is Gibraltar International Airport (GIB), Courchevel Altiport (CVF) of France. Similarly others are Barra Airport (BRR) of Scotland, Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport (JSI) it is also known as Skiathos Airport (JSI) of  Greece, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (SAB)it is also known as Saba Airport (SAB) of Caribbean , Madeira Airport (FNC) of Portugal, Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, Paro Airport (PBH) of Bhutan, Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE) it is also known as Malé Airport (MLE) of Maldives, Cambridge Bay Airport (YCB) of Canada (North side),
Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (CFU) it is also known as Corfu Airport (CFU) of Greece ,
Toncontín International Airport (TGU) of Honduras of  Queenstown Airport (ZQN) of New Zealand, Puerto Jiménez Airport (PJM) of Costa Rica,  Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) - Germany
Wellington International Airport (WLG) of New Zealand, Kai Tak Airport (closed in 1998) of Hong Kong, New Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), Scotland Cay Airport (MYXI) of Bahama. In this video here is all name of all most and strangest airport in the world.